Convict Salesianum

Convict Salesianum

The Salesianum is the perfect place to stay for students in Fribourg. Situated in a quiet and central area near the station (5-10 minutes on foot), it is the ideal location to live and study.

The impressive building of the Salesianum with its 95 bedrooms accommodates students of Theology and other faculties. These students come from abroad or various parts of Switzerland, and therefore speak diverse languages, which gives the house a multicultural touch. The newly renovated house offers you a home where you can enjoy company but where you also have the possibility to retreat.

Also guests and groups are welcome!

Available Rooms

Student Bedrooms (vacancies)
Guestrooms (vacancies)
Flats (no vacancies)

Booking and further Information

Conference and Lecture Rooms

At the Salesianum, there are also conference and lecture rooms that can be booked.

Further Information can be found here.

Fund-raising Campaign “Zukunft Salesianum”

We are grateful for any further donations to finance the construction works executed in 2009 to renovate the 100-year-old building of the Salesianum. Further information concerning the fund-raising campaign may be found here.